Tips aromas

Tip 1

Replace the sticks of the aromas every (approximately) five months for the most optimal effect of spreading the scent. You can put the old sticks in your vacuum cleaner bag and then enjoy the scent afterwards. The sticks only work in combination with the Beautystories aromas. Not with other brands.

Tip 2

I recommend using all seven sticks with all aromas. The aroma that is the most intense is the Fireball. With this you can start with 3/4 sticks and then you can always add the rest of the sticks.

Tip 3

To fully enjoy your aromas, I recommend placing the aromas on a low table so that the scent rises. If you put the aromas on top of a cupboard, you cannot enjoy them to the fullest. A good place to put the aromas is in the beginning or middle of a room. If you have an open kitchen or a large living room, I always recommend two aromas. Do you have an open kitchen and do you cook a lot? Then the cream spray is a must have! The best result is if you use the room spray on textiles.

Tip 4

Do you have a diffuser? Then it is best to order a refill / car aroma. Use 30% aroma and 70% water for this. This gives your home a wonderful fragrance explosion.

Tip 5

You can use a 100ml aroma set for about 5/6 months. This can differ per room. Sometimes it lasts longer and sometimes shorter. Usually longer, because my product contains 0% alcohol.

Tip 6

Are you spoiled for choice? Order the samples first before purchasing the product. Or even better….. order a car scent and try it out for a month. This way you can make an even better choice. These are delicious and a nice price to start with.